Solar Photovoltaic System

2023/05/18 Company News
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In February 2023, our company has officially launched solar photovoltaic system!

         In view of global climate change, the improvement of overall environmental awareness, and in coordination with the government's policy of actively promoting the use of renewable energy and the vision of net zero carbon emissions.

         The enterprise has installed solar photovoltaic equipment on the roof of the factory building to implement the use of green energy to achieve environmental protection and fulfill the corporate social responsibility.

         According to expert estimates, the life of the sun is still billions of years, and the supply of light and heat is almost unlimited.
Therefore, compared with other energy sources, solar energy is the most sustainable.
The installation of solar modules brings the following benefits:
‧Solar power is not easy to cause danger and is a highly safe power method.
‧The power process hardly emits any substances that affect the environment,   
causing pollution.
‧Avoiding radiation heat conduction generated by direct sunlight on buildings,  
thereby reducing plant temperature.
Reduce the use of air conditioning, provide insulation and help the energy conservation.
‧Strive to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the Earth's environment.